Saturday, March 29, 2014

Treasure Map + FIF & PP

Hey Jammers! There is another new item today in the April Fool's party, but I'll post the whole party in a couple hours, when the party is going on owo . Well one of the new items is a Treasure Map! 
Hurray to AJ for bringing Underwater back in style ;D

The DE posted about Moons
Many moons in our solar system have names. Two of our favorites are Titan and Io. They’re moons of Saturn and Jupiter. You may have wondered ‘does our moon have a name?’ Yes it does, but it’s just ‘moon.’ The reason for this is that in scientific terms moons are considered satellites or objects in the orbit of a planet. And before we even knew there were other moons, our satellite already had the name. To learn about moon phases or why our moon looks different every night, head over to Animal Jam Academy!
 Tierney has a new vid too:

The Search For Greely Poll has ended:
Yesh! - 72/124 (58%)
Not Really - 1/124 (0%)
Kind Of... - 12/124 (9%)
Haven't tried it - 39/124 (31%)
 Send a new little saying to your buddies via Jam A Gram

This has been going on for a while, but I just wanted to post that there is a new area that you are directed to when you first join: The Blue Heron!

Last Week's winner was....
 jhana! Congrats and good job!

This week's FIF is:
 Where in the Jamaa World is that? Remember, I put all correct answers in a randomizer!

Here is a little den thing I did for my pets this spring ^-^


  1. The FIF is in the Sarepia Forest, near Treetop Gardens. And now that I won last week's FIF, what now? Will you send me a prize or something?


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