Monday, March 24, 2014

RIM - Rare Shark Fin

Hai Jammers! The RIM this week is the Rare shark fin~

 I LOOOVE how it's non member, and I LOOOOVE the colors!

The DE likes it too:
Hello Jammers, what lovely teeth you have! How about this RARE SHARK FIN for today’s RARE ITEM MONDAY! Did you know that sharks don’t have any bones? Sharks skeletons are made of a tissue that is more flexible and lighter than bones called, CARTILAGE. Sharks also have multiple rows of teeth! They often lose their teeth as they get older and new teeth grow, just like you! What adventures are you going to have with your new shark fin?
I saw another floating beaker in Adventures x3

When I went to Sarepia Forest through the Mt. Shiveer way, I saw the Flag shop quickly flash an image of it's past:
How cool! Try it out! Enter Sarepia Forest thru the Mt. Shiveer entereance, and watch the Flag Shop's door. This is an image of it in the past, when it was borded up.

UPDATED TUNNEL TOWN! Click the lawnmower to go there *below*


  1. :D:D:D:D me like the shark fin XD and its nonmember sooooo i can get it :)


  2. I love your blog! I also love the music... :)


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