Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lucky Party + REVIEW!

Here is a tour of theeee

As your character spawns, you are greeted with a room of green! Next to where jammers arrive, there is a wishing well
Make a Wish x3

To the right of the well is the den shop... selling new items!

I'm really liking the three new items, so fresh and cool *v*

Smack dab in the middle is a giant shamrock! Click it and a little clover will pop up next to you

Inside the small den is a place to sit down and chat with buddies!

In the other room is a tea set glammorusly sitting beside the green birthstone and candles.

Just beside it is a music shop selling the music you hear in the background

 Outside is a patio, decorated in green and surrounded by grass

Look for the fish friend beside the patio!

Now I'm gonna do a party rating, telling how much I liked the party :3

This party is small but because of the items, nature and music, it gives the party more personality and coolness :3


1. No bad language, please
2. Don't spam up the place
3. Don't be mean!
4. Do not ask me or other people for things

Large Rainbow Pointer