Thursday, March 13, 2014

Clover Balloons and New Thread Thursday

Hey jammers! An item I have been wanting to see in stores when I first saw it is here!

I'm so happy it's non member!!

The DE posted some Jamaa Mysteries! You can also find more secrets and mysteries on the newly updated tab Animal Jam Secrets

Have you noticed the cute new plushies in the claw??!! Now there's a plush for every land animal! Now if only they had a claw for the sea...

Gosh, I love the detail AJ goes into. Look at the unnatural water, and the fountain's base. On the stone there are flowers coming out of it! It look's mossy and realistic! Great job on decor AJ!

Here is a Lucky outfit for underwater!

I've updated the Den Wednesday Tab & SnapCraft Tab :3

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