Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SnapCraft: Clover Chair

RAWWAHHR! Here is the second half of the Clover Table!
What You'll need:
 -HOT glue
-Colored Pencil
-Our Printables (shown below)
-Green Paper (Light and dark)

[Part One - Cutting]

-Step One
Print and cut out the printables *Shrink them down further if needed for the seat* Trace the square on cardboard

-Step 2
Trace and cut the square on light green paper & the shamrock on dark green paper.

[Part 2 - Folding]

-Step 3
Fold a long cardboard rectangle in half
-Step 4
Meaure the half-folded strip on the LPS. These will be the legs of the chair, and since the chair is low you will want low legs. Cut to the size you want the legs to be.

 It should look like this ^^^^

[Part 3 - Gluing]

-Step 5 Glue the light green paper square on the cardboard square

-Step 6
Glue the shamrock on top of the light green square

-Step 7
Glue the legs on the table so their corner lines up with the corner of the seat.

-Step 8
Glue the bead in the center of the clover, and using a colored pencil, draw lines so it looks like a cushioned couch :)

Annd You are done!

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