Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jester Hat & Possible Blog Egg Hunt?

Possible Blog Egg Hunt?? Read To find out.
Hi Jammers! There is a new item in Jam Mart Clothing:

Your animation
The Jester Hat! It's probably here for April Fool's day :3 There isn't a New symbol on it, but still it's new!

The DE has a Creature Feature
Click it to watch
Possible Blog Egg Hunt???
What I Was Thinking:
Well I did something like this during Night Of the Phantoms. Now we can switch it up! Maybe, if you guys like the idea, I'll hide the eggs that AJHQ hides around Jamaa in the pages I have on this blog! The egg you are looking for would look something like this:

It will be transparent and most likely at the top or bottom of a page. If you click it you will be directed to a page with an internet prize... Like a graphic, Den Idea, NTT... ect :3 .

 ALSO! I was thinking I "hide" a couple eggs in a scene in AJ on a daily post and whoever finds the egg(s) will win a REAL AJ prize (like a mini rare :3

It's up to you guys, would you like to do this???

I like these balloons, they are unique from the other balloons they sell


Click to learn how to make a Clover Chair ^.^


  1. I would love to do this, btw are you going to put them on previous posts?

  2. I really like that Egg Hunt idea! Pretty neat. I'd love to participate! Graphics are always awesome. Looking forward to it.

  3. the hat is OK


  4. I would love the egg hunt! That would be amazing!!! Btw luv the clover chair and table!!!


  5. Great idea! I would love an egg hunt!


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